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"My wife was hesitant to visit Dr Bloink. Her knee had swollen requiring draining and a surgeon wanted to scope it shortly after our son was born. Dr Bloink found the solutions within seconds of her first appointment: her hip had not rotated back properly after birth causing misalignment. I’ve been going to Dr Bloink for over 20 years and now my wife is his biggest fan. He treats our children since birth and recently was proactive in avoiding scoliosis for our 12 year old daughter. Our son is now 15 and goes regularly to smooth out issues related to sports. We love Dr Tom and his staff. "

Mike Herkenrath Campbell

This review is long overdue.
"I have been a patient Of Dr Bloink for over 12 years. When I first met him I literally had to shuffle as I couldn't extend my foot more than 6 inches. I had visited many other doctors and chiropractors and physical therapists over the years and they had all told me I would need back surgery. Thankfully I followed Dr Bloink's advice and instructions on how to strengthen my back and heal. He is an intuitive and extremely knowledgeable craniopath and chiropractor and understands more about anatomy and physiology than anyone I have every met. I can't thank him enough!
The office staff are all wonderful, always professional, helpful and a pleasure to deal with”

K R.
San Jose, CA

“Dr. Thomas Bloink is without a doubt the best all around doctor we have ever been to. He is a miracle worker. My wife can not function and after a few minutes with Dr. Bloink she is much, much better. His knowledge and skill has been shared with universities and with others globally. I highly recommend Dr. Bloink for a myriad of physical issues that others have not been able to provide any relief. ”

Garland P.
South San Francisco, CA

“At the time I was 23 years old suffering from more-or-less intractable pain in my shoulder that had been lasting more than a year. I took x-rays and saw a few MDs, although I never could find out why I was in so much pain and was simply told to give it time. Eventually I saw Dr. Bloink, and to make a long and painful story short, he fixed me in the span of only about a month of treatment - with noticeable results after only one session.

I am writing a year later now, and I am so glad that I saw Dr. Bloink when I did. I imagine if I waited any longer it would have had great consequences on my well-being. Unfortunately at the time I was a broke college kid, so I could not continue to see him - if Dr. Bloink or Ashley is reading this, please know that I am so grateful for you guys and that I will be back if I ever get hurt again.

I haven't seen many chiropractors in my lifetime, but I do know that Dr. Bloink is one of the smartest people that I have ever met and is no joke whatsoever.”

Ryan H.
Danville, CA

“I've been a patient of Dr. Bloink's for over 20 years. I suffered from a chronic condition that affected every aspect of my life. But his care and unparalleled ability to heal has saved and preserved my physical, emotional and biological wellbeing. And the icing on the cake is the professional, competent, compassionate staff he has hired to run his practice and take great care of countless loyal patients like me. Thank you Dr. Bloink - you and your unparalleled staff make a real difference in the lives of so many. Keep doing what you're doing!”

Los Gatos, CA

“How do I summarize the fantastic care and service received from Dr Bloink! If you are a skeptic then you will become a believer!! Professional office staff and the physical treatments and results are wonderful (pain relieving). Thank you all!!”

Susan E.
San Jose, CA

“Dr Bloink is a very thorough chiropractor who has 30 plus years of experience and is helping my son's TMJ. He knows what he is talking about and partners with dentists and orthodontic professionals who look at the patient in a holistic way.
Very honest and direct, he is a trustworthy professional.”

Clara F.
Santa Clara, CA

“Wow - Dr. Bloink is phenomenal! He is a world-class chiropractor who I have known for many years. I refer difficult cranial patients to him, and am constantly amazed at how he is able to help these tough cases that no one else seems to be able to touch. Yesterday another patient contacted me to let me know that Dr. Bloink had (through a single precision cranial adjustment) manged to balance their eyesight such that their impaired depth perception was immediately improved and also to where they did not need their reading glasses to see small print. He has also helped my patients with sleep apnea, certain types of seizures, chronic headaches, etc. all through his specialized craniopathy. I'm so grateful to have him as a local resource, and would not hesitate to see him and send others. He is the ultimate SMART with HEART. :)”

Kim M.
San Francisco, CA

“Dr. B has been my miracle worker and that elusive "needle in the haystack" find.
General medicine is limited and only follows "standard protocol" which often does not work. Several of my misdiagnosed ailments were addressed and healed by his skilled hands and knowledge. I am forever grateful that he shares his gifts with his patients.”

Suzanne N.
San Francisco, CA

“I have been going to Dr Bloink for 11 years. He is knowledgeable, carrying and very good at heeling my needs from back pain to stomach issues. Dr Bloink listens, ask questions and then acts on it. I also see and hear the way he interacts with other patients in the office. I highly recommend Dr Bloink.”

Mike H.
Campbell, CA

“Dr Bloink has saved my life for the second time in a decade. First time after a car accident when I hurt my shoulder and now with my back. 3 other doctors told me my only option was surgery but in one month Dr Bloink has me working out and running again. He's a brilliant doctor and I will for ever be thankful for his amazing work.”

Nakisa M.
San Jose, CA

“I have been seeing Dr. Bloink for over 15 years, off and on. The only reason I've been seeing him off and on is because when I see him, he fixes the problem I have - he doesn't just temporarily relieve the pain. When I first went to see him in my twenties, I was very skeptical, but I was experiencing terrible headaches and neck pain. Since then I have gone to see him after I experienced severe whiplash from a car accident, numbness in my arm due to a herniated disc in my back, when I've injured myself working out, and numerous other times.

When I am under a lot of stress, I tend to grind my teeth and then create terrible headaches and neck aches for myself. Dr. Bloink can always alleviate the pain in one or two visits.

I am in my forties now, and I have referred many new patients to him. Each of them have been amazed at how quickly and thoroughly he has helped them, whether their issue was sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome or injuries sustained from an accident.

Dr. Bloink is a lively, funny man who loves what he does. He is truly a healer and he works well with the mainstream medical community.”

Janet D.
Los Gatos, CA

“It's really not fair to judge a doctor from reviews. I looked over the reviews Dr Bloink has had and most of them are glowing. One was pretty bad. I thought to myself, I'm so glad I was not warned off by that review. I hope others are not. Dr Bloink has literally saved my life more than once. And the lives of my friends and family. He really knows his business. And he's a real human being. Always looking for better ways to handle the problems people come in with, he has become a blindingly good expert on helping people. For instance, I had appendicitis a couple years ago. Could hardly walk. He saw me on a Saturday, which is not his standard hours of operation. I was bent over and in pain. I had no idea if he could help or not. All I knew is I didn't want to go to the hospital and get an expensive surgery to have it removed if I could help it. Surprisingly I found out he had helped two others like me earlier. And that if it could be handled, he would. Within an hour I was markedly better. Next day I was near normal. Monday, when I saw him, he, himself, was surprised how well I recovered. No expensive surgery. Just followed his treatment. Now, he may not be able to treat all appendicitises, but he sure is a remarkable doctor. And he really cares about his patients. And he produces amazing results. You owe it to yourself to check him out!”

Karen K.
Sunnyvale, CA

“Dr. Bloink is amazing! He changed my life for much better!

I am Asian who grew up in my home country. I came to US after I finished my engineering degrees. I didn't know what is a Chiropractor in the western world till I saw him.

I was not aware of a problem I was born with, till I saw him about two weeks ago, although I have always felt something not quite right. The bad feeling gets worse as I get older. He also found my left sacro-illiac joint seperation, which I was not aware of either (and again felt something wrong from time to time).

His VERY FIRST treatment to me fixed all of my discomfort here and there! It's a miracle. His treatement also makes me look nicer. I used to have asymmetrical eyes (one is smaller than the other), now they look symmetrical.

I am very grateful to him. I am fortunate to find him who can cure my problem the right way.”

Pam L.
Sunnyvale, CA

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