Dr. Bloink

A message from Dr. Bloink…

“I originally was led to be a healing practitioner after a series of accidents that left me disabled at the age of 21. At 19 I was hit by a drunk driver and severely injured. That same year I tore my esophagus in a freak accident. I was left with residual pain that kept me from working and enjoying my favorite activities.

I went to many doctors. Each told me there was nothing more they could do to remove my pain. Then someone referred me to a Chiropractor. I had never heard of Chiropractic but, was willing to try anything, so I went. With chiropractic treatment, I started to get my life back. I was on my feet again, walking and hiking. It was unreal. I had been scared that I would be in pain and disabled for the rest of my life.

This experience gave me a new confidence and inspired me to begin my studies in the healing arts. I decided I would be a chiropractor so that I could recreate my experience of recovery and quality of life for others. I believe that miracles can occur within each individual.

I am grateful for entering this field because there is nothing more rewarding than seeing someone’s quality of life improve. When someone who couldn’t walk because they had intense vertigo and can now move freely without limitation, I thank God for helping me find such a wonderful purpose in life.

I believe with all my heart in the principles of healing to stimulate and improve the natural processes of the body to create a healthy environment for true healing to occur.

What makes this practice unique is the broad range of therapies we provide and our focus on detail. I work closely with other exceptional doctors (orthodontists, dentists, oral surgeons). We take a cooperative multidisciplinary team approach to treating a patient’s specific needs. I’m also willing to work with general practitioners and specialists to ensure holistic care. My personal promise to you is to always be there with 100 percent focus and intention to help you realize your dreams and potential in life.”

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