What are headaches?


Although we spend a lot of time classifying these headaches — the only thing traditional medicine has to offer the headache patient is drugs — often on an on-going daily dose.

Up to 40% of all consultations with physicians are due to headaches. Ten percent of the population suffer from migraines. Many headache patients are improperly diagnosed with eye strain and sinus disease as the cause of the headache.

Headaches can be classified in a number of ways. A headache is a pain in the head with the pain occurring…

Types of Headaches:

  • Above the eyes or the ears

  • Behind the head (occipital)

  • In the back of the upper neck.


  • Stress

  • Clenching

  • Bite imbalances

  • Cerebral circulation imbalances

  • Toxicity

  • Hormone imbalances

  • Organ dysfunction (especially gallbladder)

  • Pathological issues (tumors, etc)

When headaches are not associated with pathology traditional doctors resort to medications to treat the patient. This solution can often cause rebound headaches and long term use medications can create numerous side effects.

How do we treat headaches?

At the California Cranial Institute, we see difficult cases. Patients come to us when other doctors have not been able to explain the cause for their headaches.

Our approach is to address the entire system and put it back into balance.

Techniques include:

Craniopathy, N.E.T., and Cranial Dental.

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