Gall Bladder Reflexes: Vertigo & TMD

Dr. Bloink has been a long time SOT and cranial innovative doctor. He has presented various papers on the relationship between vertigo and TMD at chiropractic research conferences internationally. He has found a novel relationship between viscerosomatic gallbladder referred pain or reflex activity and TMD and/or vertigo related symptomatology.

In some instances diagnosis and treatment of gall bladder viscerosomatic dysfunction and may have a clinical influence on chronic TMJ disorders, headaches, vertigo, neck pain, pelvic pain, and low back pain. Treatment options to be explored include classical chiropractic manipulative reflex technique (CMRT), clinical nutrition, and emotional stress triggers utilizing Neuroemotional Technique (NET) and/or Dr. M. L. Rees’ Soft Tissue Orthopedic’s (STO) negative “volitions.”

(via The Sacro Occipital Technique Organization)

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