What Is the Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT)?

Over a century ago, the founders of chiropractic treatment came up with an idea. It is that chiropractic care can sustain good health naturally, without surgery or medication. These days, chiropractic treatment stands second in the list of the largest approved health practices. 

Chiropractic care looks at how the spine and the nervous system in the human body work together. It also looks at how that relationship restores and preserves health. When a bone in your spine affects your nervous system, it disturbs the relationship between the two. When this happens, your physical therapist will adjust your spine to enable your body’s natural healing power to start the healing process.

Healing or maintaining good health is achieved through particular treatments including SOT. The methods SOT uses promote healing in the spine, nervous system, muscles, and brain. This way, SOT restores balance and proper function of the organs involved.


So, What Is the Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT)?


The SOT is a common chiropractic practice. The name “Sacro Occipital” refers to the tail bone (sacrum) and the base of the skull (occiput). SOT, therefore, works to ensure that these two ends of the spine are working well.


How Does SOT Work?


SOT looks at your spine in three positions. These positions include the vertical position (when you are standing up), the supine position (when you are lying with your face up), and the prone position (when you are lying with your face down). The doctor then examines the health of your nerve and the flow of fluids from your brain to your spine. If the fluids are not flowing properly, the doctor makes changes to improve the flow. 

The doctor improves the flow by feeling your skull to make adjustments to the bones there. He or she does this while massaging your spine at the same time, to get rid of blockages that could affect the flow of fluid. 

To achieve this, the doctor uses the weight of your own body to treat irregularities in the body. For instance, the doctor may place special cushions beneath certain areas of your body to realign the pelvis as you lie down on the cushions.


What Does SOT Treat?


Like other methods, SOT works to treat oddities in the spine that cause pain in the arms, leg, and back, as well as to treat dizziness and headaches. Consequently, if you suffer from migraines, shoulder and neck pain, you can greatly benefit from SOT. Also, if you experience nervous disorders and fatigue, SOT treatment may be appropriate for you.

Similarly, the SOT technique is used to realign the pelvis. The skull, spine, arms, and shoulders are supported above the pelvis. The feet and legs are supported below the pelvis. Thus, a misaligned pelvis can cause problems with posture, as well as problems with the proper functioning of the skull and muscles. Correcting the oddities both in the skull and in the pelvis improves communication along the spinal column.


Dr. Bloink's Case Studies on Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT):


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